Brandon Wilson

OEF/OIF/OND Veteran, Managing Director, Veterans Services of the Carolinas 

"As a Coordination Center that receives 800 calls a month, data drives many decisions. After reviewing the number of needs our Coordinators were identifying compared to other markets, we felt we were missing the mark. After Bolter Consulting conducted Motivational Interviewing training for all our staff, results happened in 30 days. We went from learning about an average of 1.2 needs per client to 2.5 needs per client, demonstrating we were engaging more effectively from the first phone call. Learning and utilizing Motivational Interviewing skills has made our entire team better, thus creating better health in the community!!"

Emily Gelb

Senior Manager of Community Solutions, Asheville Humane Society, Buncombe County Animal Shelter

"Hillary taught a 3-session MI class to a group of animal welfare staff that included staff from admissions, adoptions, and outreach programs. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic made the class a lot of fun, and her ability to closely relate the topics to our own work resulted in an extremely useful training for all who attended. Participants came away feeling less pressure to fix their clients’ lives and with the confidence to start helping clients find their own motivation and reach their own goals. A must-have for animal welfare professionals at any level who work with members of the public!"

Youngmee Hahn

Speech Pathologist

“Now that I've had a couple days to process the training experience, I'd like to send you a very heartfelt thank-you. I learned so much and really appreciate your supportive, evocative, affirming instructional style (look at me using my MI vocabulary!) You created an environment where it felt safe to go out on a limb and try new things that felt uncomfortable. It felt so empowering and inspiring to walk away from your training feeling like I actually have (at least a beginner's version of ) the skills I need to start putting MI into practice.” 

Hillary's Motivational Interviewing Workshop was a great refresher of skills and it provided us with new techniques and ideas for implementation. We really enjoyed the interactive portion of the workshop! By practicing new skills with our team, we were able to see how it might play out in an actual session. The tools learned felt essential for our practice and it enhanced our knowledge of how to communicate with clients to produce effective behavior change as well as how to hold space for clients when appropriate. Highly recommended!

Kendra Gaffney

RD, LDN, CEDRD-S, Group practice owner, Nutritious Thoughts

Even with 26 years of customer service, I learned things that will strengthen my ‘people toolbox.’

Asheville Humane Society Participant


Thank you for providing this training Hillary. It was a profoundly enlightening experience for me and it just makes common sense that our clients can also experience deeper meaning in their lives as a result.

Craig Arey

Substance Abuse Counselor, 2019

Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with CHS providers. You embody the spirit of Motivational Interviewing so nicely and wholeheartedly. Your approach, along with useful didactic and experiential material, created such a safe, welcoming environment for learning. It was my pleasure to collaborate with you as we coordinated the series, and I look forward to our future connections.

Laura Porter

Cherokee Health Systems

Thank you for a truly rewarding seminar! I have been putting the tools of MI into instant practice. For me, the seminar demystified the workings of human motivation. It clarified how forces outside the individual can really impair a person's desire to change and perhaps ability to change.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.

Curry Cromer

Case Manager

I am very aware of good vs thoughtless pedagogy, with most of what I come across being the latter. Your training was an example of very thoughtful pedagogy, so that my mind could be freed up to learn rather than feeling frustrated and short changed. Keep up the good work!

Susan Lanham

Hillary keeps the content of complex training at a palatable pace.  She rises to the top as an instructor because of her consistent energy, method, and variety of breakout sessions.  Her assertive confidence is gentle enough to bring along the timid, and progressive enough to pull in more seasoned class members.  Super impressed with her teaching skills and cannot wait for another training by her!

Rev. Ferrin Cole

MaTS., MDiv.

The Watauga team thoroughly enjoyed learning MI skills and practice under your tutelage. We were very impressed with your presentations and weekly phone call sessions. Your energy level kept us pumped up and eager to learn. Your ability to give constructive criticism and feedback is amazing, we always felt supported and encouraged... It was a pleasure to work with you. There are several things that you do during the teaching and learning process that we would like to emulate, especially your enthusiasm and encouraging style. We hope that at some time in the future we can work with you again as we refine our new skills.

Jamie Garland

Watauga Recovery Center

Thank you so much for the training that you provided. I'm impressed that you managed to keep us engaged after 2 full days of content...that's a trick! I'm not a great participant in trainings because I get bored easily, but that didn't happen with your presentation style. You did a great job of keeping us moving around, breaking into groups for activities, and smoothly shifting between all the elements that make for an effective training. I've decided that I want to incorporate more active components into my trainings because you inspired me by doing it so well!

Martha Teater

MA, LMFT & Trainer

Hillary Bolter presented a series of Motivational Interviewing workshops through our continuing education training program. Her workshops were well-received and highly reviewed. Clearly, Hillary has a passion for teaching this evidence-based treatment model. As I worked with Hillary to organize these events, I found her to be very professional and accommodating. If you are considering organizing or attending a Motivational Interviewing training, I highly recommend Hillary’s services.

John Sanders

LCSW, LCAS, Training Program Coordinator FIRST At Blue Ridge, Inc.

The training helped me release myself from feeling totally responsible for other people's lives.

End of Course Feedback

Hillary was engaging, warm, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She created a safe space for learning. The interactive practice activities were helpful to the learning process. It seemed like there was the perfect balance between content and practice.

End of Course Feedback

I'd taken multiple trainings in MI before this one, and hands down Hillary was the best trainer.

Substance Abuse Program Director​

I would say that everything was informative and helpful, AND the highlights for me were the videos that illustrated aspects of MI, the humorous ones especially, AND above all, the video on Monty Roberts Horse Whisperer. Taking things out of the 'conceptual' realm and bringing them into the experiential and metaphorical is most effective.

End of Course Feedback

The interactive learning was extremely helpful. Hillary was very involved, entertaining, and informative...I would recommend this to friends and peers. This was an amazing learning experience. Hillary has a beautiful energy, caring and passionate.

Nurse Participant

I recommend this to anyone, and I have much to learn. This is the most useful class I have ever had.

Psychologist Participant

This has taught me to listen better, and to speak in a more nonjudgmental manner, to evoke real conversation.

End of Course Feedback

She was a great instructor and able to hold my attention very well. Almost everything that was discussed is something I can't wait to practice. I thoroughly enjoyed.

End of Course Feedback

I appreciate her enthusiasm and passion. She is very engaging which helps keep the class involved.

End of Course Feedback

I liked how the training was interactive. After taking this course, I feel like I have a good introductory understanding of Motivational Interviewing and I would like to study it further.

End of Course Feedback

Hillary has a wonderful attitude and is awesome at her ability to share information effectively.

End of Course Feedback

Bolter Counseling & Consulting is a Professional Limited Liability Corporation, PLLC. 

Bolter Counseling & Consulting is a Professional Limited Liability Corporation, PLLC.