MI Cheat Sheet

It can be hard to operationalize what exactly is Motivational Interviewing, and how can I practice? It can be overwhelming!

Is it listening for Change Talk? Using OARS skills? Embodying the spirit of Motivational Interviewing? Consistently identifying and responding to change talk? Yes, it’s all of those. And more.

Wrestling with Change

In this free download, I give tips on stepping out of the role of wrestling with clients for change. Are you ready to dance? Motivational Interviewing teaches us how to partner and guide toward change, and keep our clients on the hook for the change!

MI Change Plan

Help clients organize in the face of multiple change needs, and create a change plan to address those challenges! These two handouts, based in the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing, will help you be more effective identifying where to start with a client facing multiple challenges, as well as create an effective change plan.